As a ‘Technology for Development’ social enterprise, Qaff Technologies creates practical technology linked tools & solutions to empower communities by providing timely information and connecting them with life-saving services, thus achieving sustainable development.

Qaff’s approach to solve these social problems is based on a system-changing approach rather than mere technology enablement approach. This can be explained by stating the fact that various policies and their processes relate to critical issues like health, education and livelihood were designed some 30-50 years back by the national or statement. These processes have are based on ‘Top-down Manual Model’ with a strong observation/supervision approach. The older approach makes the solution exclusive (non-inclusive), target audiences are treated as mere beneficiaries and the solution works in isolation. With the ubiquity of mobile networks and the reach of cell-phones in the hands of communities, Qaff uses this system-changing approach by integrating communities as part of the solution, making an inclusive model, where target audience are part of the solution (stakeholders) and works in a holistic manner. This approach of ‘Fully-technology linked community model’ (also a ‘Bottom-up Technology Model’) empowers communities and give them more control of information and services, which they never earlier had.

Qaff works on multiple social issues using technology which are healthcare, education and livelihood generation. There is a huge gap in provisioning information and services to rural, under privileged and isolated communities. And this has been for hundreds of years. With the advent of technology, especially, it is seen that these technologies can bring in transformative changes by substantially improving accessibility, affordability and effectiveness of social programs, thus enabling human development. Qaff’s theory of change is to provide “information & services” to isolated, marginalized and rural communities in a timely and accessible way, which often makes difference between life and death.