SHG & MFI Platform

SHG & MFI Platform


A seamless delivery of both financial and non-financial information was developed through a single window platform, partnering with MFIs and SHGs for PCI under the support from Qualcomm. The objective of this platform was to provide women beneficiaries (clients of MFIs) with two kind of connected services: Firstly, financial services that is information related to their account, loans, payments, dues, installments, balance, receipts etc. and Secondly, the non-financial services (called Life-line services), which are provided on customized needs of women (based on their profile) related to Health, Livelihood opportunities, Education, Vocational Training & Disaster preparedness.

Under the Healthcare, women can subscribe to Pre-natal Care Information in an iconic format (pregnancy week-by-week), Child Immunization in iconic format), Family Planning and Home based Neonatal Care Info, Communicable diseases (HIV, TB, Malaria, Cholera), Hygiene and Sanitation for Young Girls (children on Women). This is how the project commenced in 2010.

In 2011, the platform enrolled 2 MFIs – Sonata in UP and PSC in Rajasthan. As the project financial model got rolling, Lifeline services were introduced. In 2012, MDA in Haryana was enrolled as a new MFI. Later an integrated model of SHGs was also developed, and then lifeline services were introduced. The success of the platform led us to think in terms of how to scale the program for Self Help Group (SHGs). In 2012, ZMQ tied up with 3 SHGs – MMVS in Haryana, Nidaan in Bihar and REAL in Pondicherry. Finally, the system became a Universal MFI-SHG Mobile Lifeline Channel.

Client: PCI, Qualcomm