Organized Human Networks

ZMQ is pioneer is channel based approach of reaching out to maximum number of people in minimum resources through a uniquely identified strategy called Organized Human Networks @ Bottom of the Pyramid (OHN@BoP).

During our various open-ended approach of designing ICT and mobile solutions for communities on various social issues like Healthcare, Environment, Livelihood programs, Education and Capacity building; we learned that there is an immense need to create of continuous Life-lines and Channels of information for providing continuous flow of information, services and tools to the unreached (and also the semi-reached and the connected populations) communities. In pursuit of doing so we realized that we cannot have effective mobile dissemination unless we identify homogenous community clusters at the lowest level. Hence ZMQ adopted a new strategy and identified organized groups at this level to deliver community specific solutions and services on a continuous basis. In order to achieve this we took up a challenge of identification of Organized Human Networks for creating Social Development Mobile tools based on Community Network parameters – Highest Common Factor basis. These channels would therefore be running for lifetime and are not be sporadic and short lived. Hence we came up with this idea of Mobile Life-Line Channels for Organized Human Networks @ Bottom of the Pyramid (OHN@BoP).