Swatcchta Chakr Game

Swatcchta Chakr Game


The game is designed to create awareness on Hygiene & Sanitation issues in rural areas. ‘Swachhta Chakra’ is a role play game wherein the player is presented with life like situations and decisions are taken on a virtual platform. It not only helps in creating awareness around the concerned issue but also captures the change in behavior that occurs over a period of playing the game. On facing different life related scenarios, the player has to take decisions through which they gain knowledge. This game is not about winning or losing but about creating awareness and building capacities of the caregivers.

The game follows an approach wherein the health worker interacts with a woman from rural household and presents different real life situations, related questions and provides advice on the same. In the Game, a set of questions are asked by the Trainer or Health Worker around hygiene & sanitation practices which helps in capturing the current knowledge level of the player/s. At the end of each level a Post-Test appears in the form of a icon based quiz. This quiz helps in monitoring the change in knowledge and increase in the understanding of player/s about hygiene and sanitation practices. The game is basically developed to test the knowledge, Attitudes & practices (KAP’s) of a person in the area of health & hygiene & to help them improve upon it. So, there is nothing like winning or losing but the players will get their scores at the end of each game.

The game tackles the problem of sanitation & hygiene in India a campaign ‘Dettol Banega Swachh India’ was launched by Reckitt & Benckiser. This project aims at:

  • Drive behaviour change towards hand hygiene, through numerous awareness initiatives such as the School Hand Wash Program and Young Mother’s Program.
  • Improve sanitation facilities by working with NGO partners to identify areas across the country, to support the development and maintenance of cleaner toilets.