TB Platform is a system changing platform to manage Tuberculosis with focus on TB compliance and adherence called Active Patient Compliance System. The platform and its solution empowers the patients with Active Compliance reporting and effective self-management of TB treatment using Mobile based Tools integrated with miniature DOTS Center Systems and DOTS Provider Toolkit.

TB Platform and its Active Compliance System is a single window for management of tuberculosis based on WHO’s DOTS strategy to achieving higher treatment rates and higher compliance. The reporting is done on the mobile using text, audio, clicking picture or sending a video thus complying by the WHO’s DOTS mechanism. The toolkit will also empower the clients with other tools for better health keeping and informing them about steps they must take to improve their health, like the eating habits, social condition improvement, issues related to working conditions, smoking hazards, MDR-TB and other related issues. This will be a new channel like approach for patients to build community level peer educators in future. The key components of Patient (Client) Compliance toolkit:

  1. Compliance System
  2. DOTS Center Access Component
  3. Treatment Schedule Component
  4. Dosage Tracker
  5. Test and report
  6. Alerts and Alarms
  7. Mobile TB Knowledge Channel

ZMQ’s Active Compliance System for Tuberculosis treatment is a universal and adaptable system which can be switched in any developing country by minor adjustments. The toolkit can also be used by health workers or DOTS providers to Track Patients, View patient Compliance reports, Send reminders, Sync input info to DOTS Center System. Also the toolkit will be used for self training and training of communities. The top most layer of the platform provides for localization of the solution based on regional/country-level needs and adaptation.

Client: ZMQ Development, IKP, RBTCP, WHO